Overnight Oral Rinse - Chamomile Mint, 16oz

Fights Bad Breath for 12 Hours, Chamomile Mint Flavor, Dentist Formulated, Fluoride Rinse, Alcohol Free

Size: 16oz - Single Bottle
Flavor: Chamomile Mint


Make bedtime swishy time! TheraBreath Overnight Mouthwash fights bad breath for 12 hours* [*when used as directed]. Use this mouthwash to help rebuild weakened tooth enamel, strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. This alcohol-free mouth rinse has a chamomile mint flavor that helps freshen your breath up while you’re winding down.TheraBreath Overnight Mouthwash is proudly not tested on animals and is certified gluten-free, vegan, Kosher, and Halal. It’s also free from alcohol, dyes or colors, sulfates and parabens. This new kind of night cap is for the grown ups only! Adults 18 years or older can swish 10 milliliters between teeth for 60 seconds once a day, after brushing. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing. Create your bedtime rinse routine and give your mouth some anticavity TLC at EOD. TheraBreath Overnight Mouthwash is 100% guaranteed so you can self-care while you snooze, confidently. Join the millions who have made TheraBreath the #1 fastest growing mouthwash brand in the USA (1).