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Breath Sprays & Drops

TheraBreath Sprays and Drops use the same, powerful formulas as our extra strength products and are perfect for attacking bad breath bacteria on your tongue, the back of your throat or in your sinuses.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray Neutralizes bad breath at the back of your tongue and throat!
TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray 3-pak Our potent throat spray available in a convenient, money-saving 3-pak!
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TheraBreath PLUS Nasal-Sinus Drops Targets bad breath coming from the nasal, sinus and throat areas.
TheraBreath PLUS Nasal-Sinus Drops 3-pak Our extra strength nasal-sinus drops in a handy, money-saving 3-pak!
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TheraBreath PLUS Power Drops Just a few drops on your tongue treats even the worst bad breath!
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TheraBreath PLUS Power Drops 4-pak Always have Power Drops handy and save money when you buy a 4-pak!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All TheraBreath formulas are backed by a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll promptly refund your product cost.

Dr. Harold Katz

Sprays and Drops for Fresh Breath

Oral breath spray and oral drops are perfect oral health essentials when you want an instant burst of minty fresh breath without brushing or rinsing.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray contains powerful ingredients and a highly effective clinical formula that is used at the California Breath Clinics. We integrate this with a swivel sprayer to neutralize sulfur-generating bacterial elements at the source. This allows you to do what oral care professionals can within the comfort of your home. Our patented breath spray is specifically developed for the purpose of accessing hard-to-reach areas at the back of your throat and tongue. A direct application of the spray on these areas ensures that the exact spot which produces the anaerobic, sulfur creating bacteria is effectively oxygenated. Try it once and experience the power of unmatched freshness and confidence.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray is easy to use. All you need to do is place the Extinguisher Spray Nozzle behind the tongue and dispense 1-2 breath drops at the base of the throat and tongue post your brushing and rinsing routine. Pull out the nozzle and release a long breath spray while letting the powerful solution aerate throughout the mouth. Repeat the process as often as required.

Also available in a convenient 3-pack kit for extended bad-breath free mornings.

TheraBreath PLUS Nasal-Sinus Drops

TheraBreath PLUS Nasal-Sinus Drops possess specific purification components created to trap harmful bacteria behind the sinus and within the throat/tonsil region. It is designed using a powerful and effective formula that works remarkably well for tonsilloliths by cleansing the tonsils and throat.

The product is incredibly popular with patients who have bad breath problems from the sinuses. TheraBreath PLUS Nasal-Sinus Drops are not habit-forming solutions.

The process for using the product is simple and effective. Post the brushing and rinsing, blow your nose to get rid of any lingering mucus. Slant the back head and release 1-2 drops into each nostril. Let the nasal solution travel throughout the back of your sinuses and nostrils. After about 3-4 minutes, blow your nose for removing any leftover mucus and enjoy the experience of a cleansed throat and fresh breath.

Order our 3-pack TheraBreath PLUS Nasal Sinus Drops kit to get thrice the strength for combating bad breath.

TheraBreath PLUS Power Drops (Extra Strength)

Eliminate chronic bad breath effectively by ordering concentrated versions of our most potent formula in a handy 0.5 oz squeeze container. A few drops at the back of your tongue is all that is needed to destroy even the worst of bad breath problems.

A majority of the sulfur-generating bacteria starts working at the tip of the tongue. TheraBreath PLUS Power Drops are designed for attacking this specific area and eliminating bad breath from its roots.

Keep confidence in your pocket longer by ordering a handy 4-pack kit that can be carried in your purse, car, office or anywhere else where you may need it for a spout of fresh breath.