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Many brands of toothpaste contain foaming or thickening ingredients that do nothing to combat bad breath. In fact, ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose make it worse. The patented OXYD-8 compound in our oral care products produces a moist, oxygenated environment counterproductive to the growth of anaerobic bacteria. TheraBreath toothpaste for bad breath contains only natural ingredients that enhance the flow of saliva, effectively thwarting the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

From our original, clinical strength antibacterial toothpaste to TheraBreath Plus Maximum Strength, our toothpastes are mild and pleasant-tasting yet deliver potent oxygenation. We also offer two specialty toothpastes - PerioTherapy is fortified with zinc and xylitol for healthy gums and teeth. TheraBrite Plus combines powerful, yet safe ingredients to remove plaque and tartar while giving you a dazzling white smile. Try the best toothpaste for bad breath available today and enjoy a clean, fresh mouth all day!

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Free Shipping when you spend $49
Free Shipping when you spend $49
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