Travel Size

Our travel size oral rinses and toothpastes are super convenient for traveling and are TSA compatible so you don't have to throw away perfectly good products at the airport.

TheraBreath Oral Rinse Single Use Pouch (14-pak) Our original, clinical strength rinse in handy single use pouches!
TheraBreath Travel Rinse (6-pak) TSA Compatible bottles of original, clinical strength rinse!
TheraBreath Travel Toothpaste (6-pak) Our clinical strength toothpaste in TSA Compatible tubes!
TheraBreath PLUS Travel Rinse (6-pak) TSA Compatible bottles of maximum strength PLUS rinse!
TheraBreath PLUS Travel Toothpaste (6-pak) Maximum strength, PLUS toothpaste in TSA Compatible tubes!
TheraBreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse Single Use Pouch (14-pak) Our Icy Mint clinical strength rinse in handy single use pouches!
TheraBreath Icy Mint Travel Rinse (6-pak) Our NEW Icy Mint Oral Rinse in TSA Compatible bottles.
PerioTherapy Travel Rinse (6-pak) Our extra strength PerioTherapy formula in TSA compatible bottles!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All TheraBreath formulas are backed by a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll promptly refund your product cost.

Dr. Harold Katz

Travel Size Toothpaste and Toiletries

Our range of FAA approved and conveniently packaged travel size toothpaste and other oral hygiene travel size products are designed to be your freshness companions throughout your journey. They can be easily slipped into the car's glove compartment or stacked in a suitcase to give you minty fresh breath anytime, anywhere. These small, portable and light travel size mouthwash and travel size toothpaste packs help battle bad breath even when you are on the go. Whether you are traveling for business or out on a vacation, our entire range of travel size products can be sourced at great prices to make an instant impression.

Oral Rinse Travel Product

The oral rinse product should be used 2-3 times a day. Take 1-2 capfuls of the TheraBreath oral rinse mixture and gargle thoroughly. Allow the strong oral rinse to travel as far to the back of your throat as possible without retching. Gargle for as long as you can, not less than 30 seconds though. For a fitting finale, take a new capful and swish around the mouth completely for another 45 seconds. Therabreath PLUS Travel Rinse packs extra strength in a smaller bottle and fights chronic bad breath issues with tenacity.

Travel Size Toothpaste

The TheraBreath travel toothpaste promises to combat the meanest of bad breath with a twice a day toothpaste routine. Its formula guarantees solid gum health and effectively assaults oral cavities. The toothpaste is ingeniously created to keep in check anaerobic bacteria that cause chronic bad breath. Place a bead of the TheraBreath toothpaste on the toothbrush and thoroughly brush inside your cheeks, on the roof of your mouth and the back of the tongue. For best results, use the product in combination with a TheraBreath oxygenating mouthwash. TheraBreath PLUS travel size toothpaste is an extra-strength version of the regular toothpaste that is adept at handling the most stubborn bad breath problems. Get it today to smile more often, breathe easy and face the world with a newfound freshness.

PerioTherapy Travel Rinse

This version of the travel rinse is especially designed for people who are on the verge of experiencing a periodontal disease. Regular Periotheraphy toothpaste treatment combined with the Hydrofloss is highly efficient is curtailing gum diseases.

For Maximum Effectiveness

The deceptively tiny bottles are packed with extra strength oral hygiene products that give you the greatest breath control and confidence when used. The longer these oral rinse products touch and work their action on the regions containing anaerobic sulfur generating bacteria, the more effective they will be. For maximum efficacy, it is strongly recommended that travelers use a TheraBreath travel size toothpaste to complement and enhance the powerful effects of a Therabreath travel size mouthwash. The effectiveness of the oral rinse action will be negated if customers use different toothpastes that contain sodium-lauryl- sulfate.

Customers can shop with as much confidence as they can flaunt their fresh breath. All our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee that allows you to shop with complete conviction.