Is Bad Breath Contagious?

People want to know, if my boyfriend has bad breath and I kiss him will I catch his bad breath? The answer is most likely not. If your mouth is clean and if your mouth is moist and his mouth is dirty and dry, he will have the bad breath. You probably can fight the bad breath because your mouth is moist. Now, if you use TheraBreath, you'll never get bad breath.

Can You Inherit Bad Breath?

Now, the other sort of condition is let's say that your mother and grandmother has bad breath and you want to know, will I inherit bad breath? That possibly could happen because you do inherit-- let's say the shape of your tongue, just as you inherit eye color or ear shape. Your tongue sometimes will tell you if you have bad breath or not. There's a condition called fissured tongue or the papilla-- the fibers that make up your tongue-- are an inherited trait and you may trap more bacteria.

So if your mother or grandmother tends to have bad breath and they do keep a clean mouth, but yet they still have bad breath, you may be prone to have bad breath if you have similar tongues.

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