How To Get Rid Of Dry Mouth 8 Different Ways

Dr. Harold Katz shares eight simple ways to stop dry mouth.

  1. Drink more water: Health and nutrition experts often recommend drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, but most people don't follow this. While alcohol such as wine, beer, and hard spirits exacerbate dry mouth, water is the perfect beverage for hydrating the mouth, in addition to offering many other health benefits.
  2. Avoid dairy foods: Although dairy foods contain nutrients necessary for bone health, their dense proteins can lead to halitosis and dry mouth. Consumption of these products creates an oral condition in which proteins are easily broken down into volatile sulfur compounds by anaerobic bacteria. This is especially true for lactose intolerant people, because the buildup of proteins during digestion is even greater.
  3. Avoid sugar: Candies, mints, and chewing gum used to conceal bad breath can make matters worse. The sugar in most breath mints and gum causes anaerobic bacteria to become super active, creating even more offensive sulfur compounds. Moreover, sugary and caffeinated beverages should be avoided because they can also exacerbate dry mouth.
  4. Brush your tongue: The surface of the tongue is like a shag carpet from the 1970s, rife with bacteria that causes bad breath and dry mouth. Cleaning your tongue daily with TheraBreath toothpaste is the most optimal way to remove debris and prevent bacteria from wreaking havoc on your oral health.
  5. TheraBreath Dry Mouth Oral Rinse: This alcohol-free formula is the newest dry mouth solutions innovation. The blend of natural salivary enzymes, soothing mouth moisturizers, and natural flower extract enhances saliva production, thereby easing dry mouth.
  6. TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges: This best seller combines a pleasant citrus mint formula, the clinical strength of zinc, oxygen, and xylitol, and a natural tingling flavor agent. Together, these unique three-stage lozenges quickly eliminate any unpleasant tastes or odors from the mouth, attack the sources of bad breath and enhance saliva flow, thereby alleviating dry mouth symptoms.
  7. TheraBreath Toothpaste: Unlike many other products on the market, TheraBreath toothpaste is free of alcohol, sugar, and abrasive detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate. The latter is an ingredient added to soaps to make them foam up, however in toothpaste, its abrasiveness can lead to dry mouth and canker sores.
  8. Add lemon to water: Once or twice a week, squeeze a little lemon in one of the 6-8 glasses of water you drink a day. This cleans your mouth, naturally freshens your breath, and helps battle the bacteria responsible for bad breath and dry mouth.

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