Oral Health Videos

There is no better person to learn oral health tips from than the Bad Breath Guru himself, Dr. Harold Katz. He's spent a good part of his life helping people all over the world improve their oral hygiene. View the oral health videos and you'll find out that Dr. Katz likes the number 5. You'll learn about 5 common foods that can cause your teeth to be sensitive; 5 quick tips for preventing pink in the sink, and 5 simple tricks for preventing cavities. If you've ever had pink in the sink as Dr. Katz calls bleeding gums, find out why this is something you shouldn't ignore. Bleeding gums can lead to more serious problems if you don't do anything, but TheraBreath's PerioTherapy products can help remedy this. Perhaps you've been afraid to smile due to stained or yellowed teeth and thought about doing something about it. If so, you'll definitely want to view the videos on bleaching and whitening, find out the differences, and which methods are safe and effective.