5 Quick Tips to Help Prevent Bleeding Gums

Here are five quick tips to prevent bleeding and painful gums. 

Number one, use a soft bristled toothbrush, preferably nylon, never a medium bristle brush, and God forbid, a hard bristle brush. They're much too hard, and you will ruin tooth material and gum tissue as well. 

Number two, you need to floss at least once a day. If you floss twice a day, I will personally give you a dental degree. Congratulations. 

Number three, look for a toothpaste that has CoQ10 in it. There are a few around. We have one called PerioTherapy. CoQ10 is excellent to help heal damaged gums. Also use a mouthwash which has oxygenating compounds. Oxygen is the natural enemy of the anaerobic bacteria, which is the root cause of gum problems. 

Number four, if using a toothbrush, many toothbrushes have something called a rubber thingy on it. That's a technical term. This is a toothbrush we have which has a rubber thingy on it. It's great for massaging your gums. So if you're watching American Idol, you have nothing better to do, just rub it against your gums. That massaging effort will keratinize the outer layer of your gums to prevent something which we call pink in the sink. 

And the last step are vitamins. Vitamin C and D are excellent. They help collagen re-fibratize itself to make the gums much stronger. And vitamin D you don't need to buy in a store. If you stand outside five minutes a day, the sun will actually help generate vitamin D naturally. 

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