What Happens if I Don't Treat my Bleeding Gums?

5 Health Issues Associated with Bleeding Gums

There are about five major health issues associated with not treating bleeding gums. The number one-- and many studies refer to this-- are heart attacks. And the reason is, once your gums started to bleed you literally have an open wound site. Toxins enter the bloodstream and can cross the heart valves and start a condition called atherosclerosis and heart attacks can soon take place. Many, many studies on that. 

Number two, the same type of reaction happens inside the brain stem and that reaction are strokes. Number three, a study done at the University of North Carolina by Steven Offenbacher several years ago showed that these same toxins can cross the placenta and can affect the fetus. So the end result for pregnant women, they are seven times more likely to give birth to premature, low birth weight babies. Again, pregnant women with bleeding gums — seven times more likely to give birth to premature, low birth weight babies. 

Number four on the list is rheumatoid arthritis. Again, it's a reaction to the toxins entering the bloodstream and rheumatoid arthritis is on that list. And number five — surprising to me, but studies confirm this — is dementia. Again, the overall effect of these toxins on the brain stem, and the end result is an increase in dementia. 

Again, five terrible things can happen if you don't treat bleeding gums. I urge you, please treat bleeding gums-- don't ignore that pink in the sink. 

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