What is Your Dentist Not Telling You?

There are a few very important facts that sometimes your dentist may have forgotten to tell. 

4 Important Facts Your Dentist Won’t Tell You

First on the list is antibiotics. Quite often, you're prescribed antibiotics for an infection. What's very important with antibiotics is you need to take them exactly as the prescription is written. Antibiotics kill bacteria. If you take them haphazardly, you skip a day or take one a day, and take a few the next week-- those bacteria can come back much stronger the next time. Also, don't share antibiotics with your Aunt Matilda or use Uncle Henry's antibiotics if you think it sounds like the same thing. Doesn't work that way. So antibiotics, very serious medicine. Take them exactly as prescribed. 

Another antibiotic that's frequently prescribed by dentists is chlorhexidine. It's a mouthwash used for people that may have a periodontal disease. The problem with chlorhexidine is twofold. Number one, it tastes terrible. It ruins your taste buds. And secondly, it stains your teeth. So many people are prescribed it. They don't use it properly, and they come back to the dentist, and the infection is not gone. What you may use as an alternative, and many periodontists use this, is the PerioTherapy formula, which works just about as well as the chlorhexidine. It will not stain your teeth. It will not ruin your taste buds. If you do have a heart condition, make sure you tell your dentist beforehand because he would put you on antibiotics in order to prophylactically treat you just in case you would have infection during the treatment. 

Also, quite often your dentist will mention something about a deep cleaning. What a deep cleaning is-- it's a way to restore tissue by going a little bit deeper during the cleaning process. It actually helps to prevent having surgery later on, so if your dentist or hygienist recommends a deep cleaning, definitely go for it. Sometimes your dentist will recommend for your children something called sealants. What sealants are is sort of an interesting way to help prevent tooth decay. It's applied as a liquid to the little nooks and crannies on little Janie and Ricky's teeth. It fills in those little nooks and crannies, and then they're zapped with a light to harden. What that does is it creates a seal so that bacteria and food particles don't get in there and cause tooth decay. 

And the last question happens to be with power toothbrushes. Sometimes some dentists will recommend, oh you need to use this $300 power toothbrush. It goes 22 gazillion revolutions per second. Well, it doesn't matter how fast it goes. What's important in a toothbrush are two things-- the bristles, which need to be soft nylon bristles, and what you put on the bristles, which is the toothpaste. So again, it's the toothpaste and the bristles that are important. I don't care how fast it goes. You can use your hand and do it like this. Just make sure you brush three times a day and brush every surface of your teeth. Take two minutes to brush. You don't need to spend $3000 on a toothbrush. 

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