Who is at Risk for Bleeding Gums?

There are four major groups of people that happen to have associated major health problems along with bleeding gums. And the reason is, their health issues cause the gums to become very fragile. They are diabetics, pregnant women — that's because of the hormonal issues during pregnancy — dry mouth sufferers, and epileptics who happen to be taking anti-seizure medications. 

We're very fortunate that many dental schools around the country happen to recommend our formula called PerioTherapy. And the reason they recommend our formula PerioTherapy, it contains a combination of oxygen compounds which are the natural enemy of the anaerobic bacteria which cause bleeding gums. It has CoQ10 in it, which helps to heal damaged gums. Tea tree oil, zinc gluconate — which is an antibacterial agent — and actually tastes pretty good. 

There — chlorhexidine, which is recommended by many dentists, actually has a terrible taste and can stain teeth. So there's no chlorhexadine in any of our formulas. 

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