Video Testimonials

TheraBreath products have been sold at more than 100,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada alone and distributed in 98 countries worldwide. Discover from just a few of the millions of satisfied TheraBreath users why it's the real deal and different than any other products on the market. What all of these folks had in common was breath so bad that it turned off loved ones in their lives – children, grandchildren, spouses, and friends. Many of these folks had beautiful, white smiles, or cavity-free teeth, yet their breath was awful and making life unpleasant. It's pretty sad when your 5-year-old daughter doesn't want kisses and hugs, or your wife kicks you out of bed due to dragon breath, but these stories had happy endings. TheraBreath toothpastes, mouthwashes, and sprays kill bacteria and help increase the flow of saliva. Regular use will help leave your mouth feeling cool, fresh, and moist – it will boost your self-confidence just like it has done for millions – it's guaranteed to work!