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As people get older, there is more concern about age and the bad breath comes with age. I've always had bad breath but as I've gotten older it's gotten worse. The hardest part is the grandchildren when they say "Grandma, you stink."

I chewed gum. I tried every single toothpaste that came out. I asked my dentist, which who only told me to brush regularly and rinse with a mouthwash. Well that doesn't do it.

The TheraBreath system works together and when you've had a problem like I've had all my life you're just thrilled with each and every product to know that you now have confidence.

I can walk up to any of my 10 grandchildren and get in their face and grab their nose and kiss em- and know that I'm not affecting them in a negative way.

I recommend the TheraBreath system to absolutely everyone!

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