A timeline of celebrities with missing teeth

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Posted: December 26, 2013
SUMMARY: Seven all-stars, including John Lennon, Jim Carrey and Amy Winehouse, all had run-ins with missing teeth. Read about it here.

celebrities missing teeth

Ever wonder how Jim Carrey chipped his tooth for "Dumb and Dumber?" Well, it turns out it was no prop. And Carrey is not the only celebrity with a dent in his chompers. Some big-timers even battled with gum disease, though corrected their smiles with frequent brushing and a little help from teeth-whitening services. Check out this timeline of seven great all-stars that have nicked their teeth on the road to stardom:

1. In his first National Hockey League game in 1946, hockey legend Gordie Howe lost four teeth. That's one more than a hat trick! With his signature version of the move - called the Gordie Howe hat trick, wherein a player scores a goal, records an assist and gets in a fight all in the same game - it's a shock that Howe didn't lose more of his teeth during his 34-year career. Busted lip? Put some ice on it.

2. John Lennon had a rotten molar removed in the 1960s. The Beatles frontman gave the tooth as a gift to his housekeeper, whose family kept it until 2011. That year a Canadian dentist purchased it in an auction for more than $31,000. It appears tooth fairy rates have increased quite drastically. Several months ago, the dentist announced his vision of using the DNA from the molar to clone Lennon. His thoughts: If recreating mammoths is within reach, why not the walrus himself?

3. Hall-of-fame wide receiver Jerry Rice told Dear Doctor that "football can be brutal - injuries, including those to the face and mouth, are a common risk for any player." From his illustrious 20-year career that began in 1985, Rice notes that he did chip a couple of teeth on the field, though full-coverage dental crowns restored them to full form. Intriguingly, it was only upon getting drafted into the NFL that he started visiting the dentist on regular basis. While in his youth, Rice only had dental check-ups when he needed them, today goes in routinely for dental cleanings and occasional teeth-whitening treatments.

4. The chipped tooth in Jim Carrey's character Lloyd Christmas in "Dumb and Dumber" is no act. The Golden Globe winner broke his front teeth during a fight in grade school, when a classmate jumped on his head in detention. Soon after Carrey's family had the tooth capped, yet when preparing the slightly deranged character in the flick, he thought removing the cap would make the role more authentic. 

5. When long-standing rapper Nas first hit the scene, he rocked a grill with a chipped tooth. The truncated tooth was something the ladies went crazy over. In 2001, the Brooklyn MC would patch up his smile, as indicated by his song, "Got Yourself a Gun," when he raps "you know the kid got his chipped tooth fixed."

6. Similar to Jim Carrey, Ed Helms, who plays Stu in "The Hangover," had his 20-year tooth implant removed to fit the film's Las Vegas shenanigans. Helms spends some of the time in the movie searching for his missing front teeth, which, as it turns out, his character yanked out himself. In real life, the actor points out that they tried different tests with prosthetics and blacking it out, but nothing looked real. Helms got the implant at age 16, when one of his permanent teeth never came in.

7. On a more somber note, the late great Amy Winehouse struggled with oral health for much of her later life. Her drug addiction caused her to lose two teeth, and she was frequently at risk for gum disease. The silver lining is that missing teeth never seemed to prevent Winehouse from hitting all the notes.

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