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Bad Breath Blow Gun Fights Monsters at Fair

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: November 20, 2009, Updated: April 4, 2016

bad breath blow gun At a Japanese fair, there were many new wacky inventions -- some of them useful, some of them fun.  The fair showcased futuristic gaming, arts, medical technologies and more.  The crowd got to see things like: a monster-slaying bad breath blow gun, a navigation-aid helmet that steers people by pulling their ears, and a rain-simulating "funbrella". Instead of using bullets, darts, or lasers to shoot at their enemies, the players of the games boosted the power of their bad breath by eating snacks and drinking beverages to make their breath more smelly.  The players would then blast "stinky bad breath balls" at the video game screen to knock out their monster adversaries.  This is one of the few cases where people may not shun you for bad breath--instead, you could become a neighborhood hero.