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Emmy-winner Sarah Paulson uses 'Mouth Wetting Drops'

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: September 20, 2016, Updated: December 19, 2017
SUMMARY: Emmy-winner Sarah Paulson revealed to the crowd that she used mouth wetting drops before her acceptance speech.

Sarah paulson Uses Mouth Wetting Drops

Have you ever been standing in front of a class, or been about to give a work presentation, and felt all the moisture evaporate from the inside your mouth? 

You're not alone. In fact, there's a reason for this phenomenon, sometimes referred to as xerostomia (the subjective sensation of a dry mouth). Specialized glands at the back of your mouth, behind your teeth and under your tongue are responsible for the regular production of saliva, which not only allows you to break down food, but also helps you vocalize words properly. During periods of anxiety, it's possible for your body to produce hormones that interrupt the regular function of these glands, giving you that "sucked on a sponge" sensation. 

Sometimes using public speaking tips, such as keeping water handy, avoiding tobacco and chewing sugar-free gum beforehand, can help ward off the feeling. But what happens if those interventions don't work, or aren't readily available?

"Sarah Paulson had a little celebrity trick up her sleeve."

It's bad enough when it happens in front of a couple dozen people. If you are standing in front of hundreds, with millions more watching at home, it can be a nightmare. 

That was the exact scenario that Emmy-winning star Sarah Paulson found herself in when accepting her award for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie for American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Giving your first Emmy speech while dealing with dry mouth is far from easy, but Sarah had a little celebrity trick up the sleeve of her immaculate ball gown.

"I had one of those mouth wetting drops," she revealed to the crowd.

What are "mouth wetting drops?" Therabreath produces a lozenge that moistens the inside of your mouth and makes public speaking a breeze, even when you're anxious. Thanks to her "drops", Paulson was able to flawlessly deliver a moving acceptance speech, even despite her nerves. 

The best part? You don't have to be a celebrity accepting an award to get the lozenges. Whether it's a cheering crowd of actors and directors or an attentive boardroom full of executives, being able to speak flawlessly is a must. Dry mouth even happens to people who aren't in a critically-acclaimed miniseries, so make sure you always keep some mouth wetting lozenges on hand. 

You might not have been nominated for an Emmy this year, but that doesn't mean you can't speak like an award-winner. 

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