Favorite beverages that cause bad breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: October 23, 2012

coffee-bad-breathHaving bad breath can put a damper on many social activities, especially when it is caused by our favorite morning beverages or after-dinner cocktails. These beverages often cause dry mouth which prompts bad breath. If you find yourself sneaking to the bathroom to pop a breath mint or masking the stinky smell with gum, there may be better ways to combat the bacteria growth in your mouth to stop bad breath once and for all. Coffee gets us through the day, warms us up on a cold afternoon and gives us a reason to sit down and chat with an old friend. But, since we often take on the scent of foods and beverages that we intake, the pungent smell of coffee can stay on our breath long after a cafe date is over. One of the main reasons behind bad coffee breath is the things we add to it - pouring a splash of milk or dash of sugar into a cup of joe can be a culprit of bad breath. Sugar feeds the bacteria that is found in our mouths, creating growth and ultimately bad breath. Similarly, milk is known for its stinky afterthought. Milk is rich in protein, which leads to the odors in the mouth. When bacteria in the mouth breaks down the lactose protein, aminos are released, causing a sulfur smell in the mouth. Coffee itself is a very acidic beverage and it accelerates the reproduction of bacteria in the mouth. If you feel your mouth tastes or smells sour or metallic after sipping on a cup of coffee, this is why. Swapping out coffee for tea is a great solution. Coffee-fiends that can’t imagine their life without the bitter drink should make sure to drink water afterwards and rinse the mouth with an oxygenating mouthwash. Another casual beverage that causes not-so-pleasant breath is alcohol. Yep, the ultimate social drink results in bad breath. Consuming alcohol causes the mouth to dry out, which leads to bad breath because the mouth doesn’t have any saliva to wash down the bacteria. Many people experience this especially after waking up after a night of drinking. Before going to bed after a night out with friends, use an oxygenating toothpaste that doesn’t dry out the mouth and neutralizes odors caused by anaerobic bacteria at the source.

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