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Teeth whitening latest trend for wedding day

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: June 27, 2014
SUMMARY: For brides and grooms, getting teeth to be their whitest is quickly rising on the priority list. 

teeth whitening wedding day

For the big day, whitening teeth has become the latest must-do for brides tying the knot, according to new research.

The survey, conducted by Bupa Dental, unveils that more than a quarter of brides-to-be plan to have their teeth whitened before their wedding. 

But it's not just the women - 1 in 5 grooms-to-be report they will touch up their smiles in preparation for the special day. 

There's no doubt that teeth whitening is rising in popularity. In recent years, the process has become safer and more widely available, with many products safe to use in the comfort of one's own home. The trend is gaining ground even compared to years past. While about 1 in 4 of those currently planning their wedding say they will have their teeth whitened, only 1 in 8 people who got married within the last three years actually did so, according to the research. 

But a bright smile is not reserved for only walking down the aisle. It might have even been among the reasons your mate was attracted to you in the first place. According to a 2013 study, white teeth can make you look 20 percent more attractive and up to five years younger. 

Brides haven't forgotten about straight teeth, either. The Bupa study found that nearly 1 in 10 people intend to get their teeth straightened prior to their special day. 

"Being happy with your appearance is key to feeling confident," Dr. Steve Preddy, clinical director of dentistry at Bupa, told "It's now easier and safer than ever to get the smile you've always wanted. A smile you want to show off is an accessory that will last a lifetime."

Straight teeth not only improve appearance, they can boost self-confidence and reduce risks for decay, since tight spaces in crowded teeth are more conducive to to buildup of harmful bacteria.

Looking back
What's more, when asked about their wedding pictures, many brides felt that sporting yellow teeth in the photos would be one of their worst nightmares. People who were already married named crooked teeth among the things they regret when looking back at their wedding album. 

Contributors to a yellow smile
Since many are eager to brighten their pearly whites, it's best to know what factors damper the process by staining teeth. People who drink a lot of tea, coffee, red wine and other foods with strong colorings, are more likely to discolor their teeth. Another major cause of stains is smoking, which leaves chemicals in your mouth and makes teeth appear yellow. 

Tooth decay and tartar (plaque that has hardened on your teeth over time) wears away at dental enamel, resulting in yellowed teeth. 

The pressure on a bride to look her best is nothing new. But while the emphasis has long been placed on shedding excess pounds and picking out a divine dress, getting teeth to sparkle is quickly rising on the priority list.