Another Name for Bad Breath

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: March 15, 2012
SUMMARY: A rose by any other name...

bad breath halitosis names

Sometimes, oral odor can be smelly enough that you need a whole new word to describe it. "Bad breath," "halitosis" and other common terms occasionally just don't seem to cut it. If you want to wax poetic about a stinky mouth, here are some less common phrases for halitosis, as well as a few ways to say "bad breath" in other languages. (To actually do something about oral odor, consider using a specialty breath freshening rinse or toothpaste.)

Let's get started.

Oral odor - Here's a pretty typically phrase. It's not a euphemism, but it doesn't exactly capture the pungency or power of the problem, does it?

Dragon breath - Now we're talking! This image really gets across what's most important, which is that bad breath, halitosis or whatever you choose to call it, can wreak havoc.

Morning breath - Technically, this is a specific type of halitosis, but still, it's good to know that sleeping with your mouth open can lead to oral odor in the a.m. Other species of halitosis include garlic breath, onion breath, coffee breath and milk breath.

Fetor ex ore - Possibly the oldest way to say "halitosis," this term was first used in ancient Rome. (It's Latin for "stench from the mouth.")

Bromopnea - Another oldie but goodie. At one time, physicians used this word, which means "stink breath" in Greek.

Mauvaise haleine - "Halitosis" in French.

El mal aliento - "Halitosis" in Spanish.

Mundgeruch - "Halitosis" in German.

Zadah iz usta - "Halitosis" in Croatian.

Andremma - "Halitosis" in Icelandic.

Mabahong hininga - "Halitosis" in Filipino.

Zadah iz ust - "Halitosis" in Slovenian.

Frymë me erë të keqe nga goja - "Halitosis" in Albanian.

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