Zicam Users Should Use the Natural Non Zinc Nasal Formula from Dr. Katz and TheraBreath

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: June 16, 2009

Many of you have now seen today's headlines --

"FDA: Some Zicam Cold Remedies Are Risky"

  • Agency Warns That Zicam Intranasal Products Containing Zinc May Lead to Loss of Sense of Smell
  • The FDA today advised people not to use Zicam intranasal products that contain zinc, due to the risk of anosmia (loss of the sense of smell), which may be long-lasting or permanent.
  • "Consumers should stop using these products immediately and should discard or return them," Deborah Autor, director of the FDA's Office of Compliance, said at a news conference.
    But, there is a natural non-zinc nasal-sinus formula that has been used successfully for many years - TheraBreath Nasal Sinus Drops.  A NON-ZINC formula that utilizes Oxygenating compounds and Tea Tree Oil to open up the nasal passages....NO danger or anosmia (the loss of the sense of smell). I invented this formula to assist with bad breath because the formula also attacks the area behind the sinuses where  mucus and bacteria interact and where chronic bad breath can begin. Unfortunately, it's also where mouthwash, toothpaste, and other oral products cannot reach.  Hence, a natural formula that gets to the area where strong odors are produced when anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria break down the proteins in mucus and phlegm. No other formula can do this. The "hidden" benefits, unknown to us at first, were that users were able to obtain open nasal passages without habit forming medications, expensive or painful nasal sprays, or debilitating anosmia.  TheraBreath Nasal-Sinus Drops are one of the key components in our Tonsil Stones Kit because it allows our patented oxygenating compound (OXYD-8) to into cryptic tonsils and slowly dissolve tonsil stones (tonsiloliths) by accessing the throat through the back of the sinuses. You can find TheraBreath Nasal Sinus Drops by clicking here. (Only $12 per bottle): https://www.therabreath.com/productdetail.asp?cat=4&pid=12 As the FDA noted, without the sense of smell, people "may not be able to detect dangers, such as gas leaks or something burning in the house, and may not be able to tell whether food is spoiled before eating," as well as having their quality of life diminished. Zinc can damage receptors in the nose that are needed for smelling, notes Charles Lee, MD, a medical officer in the FDA's Office of Compliance. The FDA has gotten more than 130 reports of anosmia in people using those products. Some of those people also reported a loss of their sense of taste, according to a warning letter the FDA today sent Matrixx Initiatives, Inc., the company that markets Zicam. In that letter, which is posted on the FDA's web site, the FDA states that it "is aware that Matrixx appears to have more than 800 reports related to loss of sense of smell associated with Zicam Cold Remedy intranasal products." The FDA has asked Matrixx Initiatives to share those reports with the FDA. The FDA has ordered Matrixx Initiatives to stop marketing the products without FDA approval, and to plan how to remove the products from the market, Autor said. You can also purchase TheraBreath Nasal-Sinus Drops (non-zinc, of course) in a thrifty 3-pack for only $30: https://www.therabreath.com/productdetail.asp?cat=4&pid=13. And, as with ALL of our formulas - my TheraBreath Nasal-Sinus Drops are 100% guaranteed to be effective or your money back! Dr. Harold Katz
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