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SUMMARY:  For techies interested in dental tips and advice, here's a perfect way to stay in the loop.

Posted: March 19, 2014

oral health podcasts

With phones and tablets, information is never far from our fingertips. Now with jambMEDIA's new oral health podcasts, you'll have access to all of the must-hear updates on oral health. The Canadian company launched its show that delivers interviews, stories and answers to dental health questions. The weekly episodes, hosted by Dr. Norm Ickert of Ickert Dental Implant Centre, can be accessed through Local Web Radio or White Rock/South Surrey podcast station. 

"Local Web Radio dentistry podcasts provide the ability to share our philosophy, knowledge and experience in a genuine fashion," Dr. Ickert, founder of Ickert Dental Implant Centre, told PRWeb. "The ultimate goal is to educate and support the public with evidence-based information, as much as possible, allowing them to make good decisions with matters related to their oral health." 

Each episode gives listeners an inside look into issues that matter not only to their mouths but to their bodies as a whole. The station targets patients who have admittedly slouched on their dental appointments, those interested in dental pointers as well as the wider population looking to learn tips about how to prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

"We are pleased to partner with Dr. Ickert and his team to offer such rich dental health information to our community," Mike McLean, CEO of jambMEDIA, told the source. "His professional yet personal approach as a leading expert in dental treatment is one of our most popular podcast shows."

The show airs in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, and features talks with professionals in podcasts such as "A Window to Your Wellbeing."

There's no doubt that the oral health industry has progressed in recent years, with the areas of greatest advance including awareness, prevention and dental technology. Despite these steps forward, there is still an overall lack of attention paid to oral health. Few people understand the big picture of health issues associated with oral health and how skipping dental appointments can lower the everyday quality of life. Painful problems like toothaches, gum inflation, tonsil stones and even long-lasting halitosis, which can be a sign of an underlying problem, should not be overlooked.

The take-home message? Stay diligent on your oral health. You can help yourself by taking care of your mouth and body one day at a time. After all, brushing and flossing couldn't be easier steps. 

Listeners can tune in to the podcasts to move forward with their dental health.

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