4 foods that promote fresh breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Though there are several foods that notoriously cause halitosis, you may be less aware of these foods that promote fresh breath.

Posted: January 9, 2015

When you get into the office in the morning or come back from a long business lunch, there's nothing worse than barraging your colleagues, superiors, clients and others with full gusts of unpleasant, malodorous breath. While everyone knows the tell-tale foods that cause bad breath, we often make the mistake of eating them anyway. However, there are several foods that can help mask and stave off that tuna sandwich you ate for lunch. Here are four foods that can be easily incorporated in your daily diet to help deter bad breath:

1. Plain yogurt 
Recent studies have shown that probiotic yogurt can reduce levels of hydrogen sulfide in your mouth, an agent that causes bad breath. Yogurt is chock-full of "good" bacteria that overpowers the bad bacteria  causing halitosis, helping to neutralize the undesirable odor throughout the day. What's more, yogurt is a healthy snack when compared to potato chips or candy in the vending machine.  

2. Apples 
According to Eating Well, apples contain polyphenols, which break down smelly compounds in garlic that cause bad breath. Consider packing an apple each day, because not only are these fruits nutritious and portable, but also they can tackle the pungent scent of one of bad breath's biggest culprits. 

3. Tea 
Besides being rich in antioxidants, unsweetened tea is also packed with polyphenols. Green tea in particular is richest in polyphenols, and therefore will be most beneficial in helping palliate your post-meal bad breath. Consider enjoying a cup of hot green tea after lunch, as this drink can also be beneficial for your digestive system.  

4. Crunchy veggies 
One of the ways the body naturally fights bad breath is through saliva production, which helps rinse and clean the mouth. Crunchy vegetables such as carrots and celery encourage saliva production, so that you can wash away some of the bacteria that causes bad breath. When possible, try to keep a bottle of water on hand so that you can always rinse your mouth and push away leftover food that may have a lingering odor. 

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