Battle Bacteria and Activate Saliva with Dry Mouth Lozenges

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: May 19, 2017
SUMMARY: Reaching for a mint is natural to fight bad breath and dry mouth - but some brands may be doing more harm than good.

There are a lot of problems with mints, at least traditional ones designed to do nothing more than mask bad breath with a fresh scent. In the search for a quick-fix breath freshener, people may be doing more harm than good: The bacteria that actually cause bad breath feed on the sugars used in most mints.

Before swearing off all mints forever, though, you should know that TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges were created to be different. While traditional mints put you at risk of continued foul breath, TheraBreath's version packs three distinct benefits that treat the causes of bad breath. We'll get to those in a moment. But first, a reminder of the kind of reactions we've avoided with our formula:

Just a mask
The basic, sugary model of a breath mint is there to cover up unpleasant odors. But the fact is that sugar is one of the worst things you can put in your mouth from an oral health perspective. All that sugar may feed bacteria, and not just the kind that causes bad breath. In fact, the bacteria responsible for gum disease, plaque and tooth decay can thrive on these sugars.

Avoiding sugar in oral care products needs to be a top priority, which means seeking alternative sweeteners. Be careful though: substances such as saccharin and aspartame carry their own health risks.

The bacteria behind bad breath feed on sugar.The bacteria behind bad breath feed on sugar.

Three ways we're helping you beat bad breath

  1. Bad tastes and odors banished: While our mints are different in several important ways, they still follow through on the essential quality you're looking for in a breath mint: Their citrus-mint flavor kicks the bad smells and tastes out of your mouth quickly and completely.
  2. Bacteria battled: Instead of feeding bacteria the sugar it thrives on, TheraBreath lozenges strike at it with a combination of xylitol, a non-sucrose sweetener that actually defends your teeth against cavities in combination with oxygen and zinc. It's a clinical-power solution in a convenient, take-anywhere package.
  3. Saliva activated: Your body's best bet against the bacteria that causes bad breath is a healthy amount of saliva. The mouth-wetting agent in TheraBreath's products ensures that your mouth's natural defenses are at full power.

Mints and lozenges may all look alike, but they all have their own properties. Your choice could determine whether you feed or fight the bacteria causing bad breath.

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