Couldn't get rid of bad breath on Valentine's Day? Here's why

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Having halitosis on Valentine's Day can be a real romance-killer, especially if you try to alleviate it but just can't get rid of bad breath.

Posted: February 14, 2012

valentines day bad breath

Did you get halitosis this Valentine's Day? If you did, you might have tried to blast away your oral odor with mints, gum or candy. If this didn't work, and you couldn't get rid of bad breath, we can explain why.

Everyone fears getting oral odor on V-Day. Of ALL the days to have halitosis, this one is the worst. Many a best-laid plan for Valentine's Day (or night) has gone awry because someone couldn't get rid of bad breath.

Maybe this even happened to you! If your oral odor killed the romance, there's a likely culprit: the candy.

You see, the anaerobic bacteria that live in your mouth subsist on whatever you eat. Candy, cookies and chocolates are an especially nice meal for them, since such treats allow microbes to attack your tooth enamel and cause dental decay. Not only that, but the sugars and fats in Valentine's candy gives bacteria a rich repast for making odor molecules.

By eating candy on V-Day, you may have shown your oral microbes a better time than you did your date! And sugar-sweetened snacks aren't the only foods that can sour an otherwise sweet holiday.

Think of all the dishes and beverages associated with Valentine's Day:

- Heavy fondues

- Cream-laden pastas

- Garlic bread

- Cake

- Liqueurs

- Red wine

- After-dinner coffee

By eating such stuff, you and your partner are basically telling your oral microorganisms "I HEART YOU!"

Still, you shouldn't have to give up candy, chocolates and romance in general just because sugary sweets can cause bad breath. Instead, eat all you want on Valentine's, then treat your baby right by offering him or her a specialty breath freshening mint, gum, lozenge or breath strip.

These products not only taste great, but they also eschew sugar and artificial sweeteners in favor of natural flavoring agents. That means that specialty products can sweeten your breath and tantalize your tongue without giving your oral bacteria anything to munch on.

If you're ready to get rid of bad breath the healthier way, choose breath fresheners that do not use alcohol, synthetic chemicals, detergents, dyes, sugars or known allergens. That way, you can plant a sweet-smelling smooch on your loved one while giving odor-causing microbes the kiss-off.

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