Does Flossing Help Treat Bad Breath?

SUMMARY: Find out how flossing plays a vital role in the fight against bad breath.


It's finally happened at the office - you're getting your big break. An uninterrupted one-on-one with the CEO, who has publicly said she can't wait to hear your vision and input for the company's direction. Play your cards right, and there's a bright, shiny promotion in your bright, shiny future.

Needless to say, you over prepare. You memorize every piece of crucial data you can think of, as well as some not-so crucial information, just in case. You have your best clothing dry cleaned and ready to go. There's just one problem. 

Your breath stinks.

That's okay. You've got a toothbrush, toothpaste and... floss? Sure, your dentist is always telling you to floss more, but does it help treat bad breath?

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a common condition,  affecting nearly a third  of the global population. Simply put, bad breath is caused by an abundance of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth or throat. This bacteria is anaerobic, meaning that it can survive without oxygen.

While the sulfur compounds these bacteria produce are smelly, they're actually a by-product of the digestive process as the bacteria break down proteins in your food. They also feed on the proteins in phlegm, blood, and deceased tissue.

If conditions remain unchanged, these bacteria will continue to procreate, resulting in bad breath that only gets worse.

While poor dental care is a leading cause of bad breath, it can also result from dry mouth, certain foods (onions and garlic, for example), and diseases like diabetes or respiratory tract infections.

While garlic can help the immune system, it is regrettably a food rich in smelly sulfur compounds.While garlic can help the immune system, it is regrettably a food rich in smelly sulfur compounds.

How Does Floss Fight Bad Breath?

Flossing is a vital tool in the fight against bad breath.  Normal brushing is essential to fight tooth decay and preserve your overall oral hygiene, regular toothbrushes can't reach the buildup trapped between your teeth.  If you want to make sure you're getting out every bit of leftover food from between your teeth, you need to floss.

If you fail to get those last remaining food particles they become food for the bad breath-causing bacteria, and stinky breath is sure to follow.  Probably during your meeting with the CEO.

However, flossing alone is not enough. The American Dental Association recommended it only as an aid to brushing, which should be done twice per day. Flossing, by contrast, needs only happen a minimum of once daily.

When maintaining oral care, it is vital to give the floss and toothbrush something to work with. Choosing the right toothpaste matters as different products focus on varied strengths. Some toothpastes are designed to whiten teeth, white fluoride toothpaste is great for overall dental health.  But if you're trying to get rid of bad breath fast - like before that big meeting fast - then Therabreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste can help.

This product is designed to help oxygenation in the mouth, which will kill the anaerobic bacteria. Using this toothpaste, followed by a thorough brush and floss, will help remove the cause of bad breath at its source. Order now to make that pesky bad breath a problem of the past! 

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