Don't neglect your breath on Kiss and Make up Day

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SUMMARY:  Kiss and Make up Day is August 25, so make sure that your breath is minty fresh! 

Posted: August 20, 2013

kiss make up day

Fighting with your beau is never fun. Whether it's about who is taking the kids to soccer practice, whose turn it is to do the dishes or whatever else may stir a household controversy, fighting causes stress and anxiety. While fighting is completely normal in any relationship, why not take the opportunity to resolve your issues on Kiss and Make up Day this August 25? But you don't want to cause another argument with foul breath! Bad breath can be an immediate bummer of an intimate moment, so follow these tips and tricks to ensure your breath is minty fresh on Kiss and Make up Day:

"Step one in keeping your breath minty fresh is to follow the steps of basic care and cleaning for your teeth and gums - this includes brushing after meals, flossing daily and scheduling bi-annual dental appointments to keep cavities and bacteria at bay," Dr. Margaret Mitchell told She Knows. "Anything from a rotting tooth to an abscess to unclean dentures can turn breath really nasty, and for more serious dental problems it is extremely important to seek professional treatment."

Start your day right
On Kiss and Make up Day - and every other day for that matter - you need to start your day off right with a well-rounded oral health cleanup. After hours of sleep, your mouth needs to freshen up and you need to get rid of the anaerobic bacteria that accumulated over night. Your mouth probably feels a bit dried out as well, which is one of the causes of bad breath in the a.m. All you need to do is take about five minutes of your time in the morning and dedicate it to brushing, flossing and rinsing.

Begin by brushing with an oxygenating toothpaste for about two to three minutes. Make sure you are lightly scrubbing the teeth, gum line, sides of the mouth and tongue. Bacteria hang out in all areas of the mouth! Next, break out the floss. Some people say that flossing is even more important than brushing, but both are necessary for a healthy mouth. Then, follow up with an alcohol-free mouthwash that will neutralize the odors produced by the bacteria still roaming around the crevices of the mouth. Can't you just imagine the freshness?

Avoid bad breath-causing foods
Throughout the day, your body and mouth can suffer if you are consuming unhealthy, greasy and fatty foods. Do you ever feel like there is a film in your mouth after you eat a burger and some french fries? Others can smell these foods on your breath long after you've consumed them, unless you take proper precautions like using mouthwash and brushing afterwards. Even still, these foods aren't easy for the body to digest, and often cause gas and bad breath. On Kiss and Make up Day, try to avoid these kinds of food, and instead opt for healthier options like a fresh salad, lean cuts of meat and fresh fruits. Your sweetie will thank you!

Pop a stick of gum
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