Eat what you want, but pay attention to the breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  May 11 is Eat What You Want Day, so you may want to prepare ahead of time to ensure you don't suffer from halitosis.

Posted: May 9, 2013

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Did you know that May 11 is Eat What You Want Day? It's true - you don't have to worry about counting calories, avoiding junk food or skipping dessert on this foodie holiday. You can gorge on fried delicacies, salty snacks, ice cream and cake all you want, but you may just end up with bad breath. Before binge eating to the fullest on May 11, you may want to consider a few food items to avoid and ways to improve your breath afterwards.

Fried foods
Munching on French fries, mozzarella sticks and deep-fried veggies is a weakness for many, but these greasy snacks will quickly create a stench in your mouth. Fried foods don't contain any nutritional value - yes, even if you're eating fried broccoli - and the salt and grease doesn't metabolize well in the body. This can result in belching and lingering halitosis.

On your free-for-all eating day, you may decide to munch on a piece of cake, bowl of ice cream or sweet pie. You might think that eating sugar would cause your breath to have a sweet smell, but the anaerobic bacteria in your mouth love sugar. These bacteria are responsible for releasing volatile compounds that cause halitosis. Sugary foods can also lead to the buildup of dental plaque on the teeth, which will have you ending up with cavities, tooth decay or other oral health ailments.

You might choose steak to be your meal of choice on Eat What You Want Day, but these dense cuts of meat can make your breath stink for the rest of the day. Like fried foods, steak is hard for the body to digest, so you could be belching for the latter half of the day after eating a filet.

Prevent bad breath
On Eat What You Want Day, you might want to take a few extra precautions to ensure you're not stinking up the room after gorging on unhealthy food. One of the easiest things you can do is increase your water intake. Water does wonders to wash away leftover food particles in the mouth that create a strong smell. You may also want to carry a small toothbrush or container of mouthwash around with you. These are two of the best ways to kick bad breath at the source, but you want to make sure you're using oxygenating products with no added alcohol. These types of products will attack the anaerobic bacteria in your mouth without drying it out.

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