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Get rid of canker sores and bad breath at the same time

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: November 21, 2011
SUMMARY: Larger canker sores can last for months. Here are some methods to get rid of canker sores that medical experts often recommend.

get rid of canker sores

Having canker sores can be a real drag. They're painful, they make it difficult to eat or talk, and typical mouthwashes do little or nothing to get rid of them. If you have them on your gums or tongue and you want to know how to get rid of canker sores, you're in luck. TheraBreath offers a number of specialty products that can help you out.

Also known as aphthous ulcers, canker sores are small whitish or yellowish spots that seem to appear in your mouth spontaneously. However, there is a reason you get them - namely, oral bacteria.

The microbes in your mouth are largely responsible for canker sores. Any little irritation of the tongue, gums or inner cheeks can give them an opening to infect your oral tissue. According to the National Institutes of Health, stress, hormonal shifts, vitamin deficiencies and small cuts or scrapes in the mouth can pave the way for aphthous ulcers.

How are you supposed to get rid of canker sores? It depends on how severe they are. If your sores are small or mild, you may not need to treat them at all, as your body's immune system can take care of small ulcers.

However, larger canker sores can last for months. Here are some methods to get rid of canker sores that medical experts often recommend.

- Avoid spicy food. The hot, tingly sensation caused by the capsaicin in peppers can be excruciating for people with aphthous ulcers. Lay off the spices for a while.

- Take vitamin supplements. Since vitamin deficiency can make your mouth more vulnerable to canker-sore-causing bacteria, try taking dietary supplements. The Mayo Clinic recommends trying capsules that contain zinc and vitamins B6, B9 and B12.

- Use a specialty breath freshening rinse. Oxgygenating alcohol-free mouthrinses can bust bad breath and alleviate canker sores without causing you the searing pain that alcohol-based mouthwashes entail.

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