How to make brushing teeth fun for your child

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SUMMARY: Many children don't get excited about brushing their teeth, so try to make the process more enjoyable.

Posted: May 4, 2015

Cavities in children are not uncommon. In fact, more than 19 percent of kids ages 2-19 have untreated dental caries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One way to help your little one avoid cavities is to encourage daily brushing. Many children don't get excited about brushing their teeth, so try to make the process more enjoyable. Here are some tips on how to make brushing fun for your child:

1. Make bubbles
Children love bubbles, so encourage yours to make some while they brushes their teeth. Tell your child that creating bubbles means he or she is doing a great job at brushing his or her pearly whites. To make things even more entertaining, hold a bubble-making contest with your little one before bedtime. 

2. Try role reversal 
Belle Meade Family Dentistry suggests letting your child brush your teeth occasionally. If you allow your little one to clean your pearly whites, he or she will realize just how fun this oral care routine can be. 

3. Sing a song
It should take about two minutes for children to brush their teeth, but many of them will rush through the process. To encourage your child to brush his or her teeth for the recommended time, have him or her sing a song. Glenwood Smiles recommends singing the Happy Birthday song while brushing. If your little one sings a fun song, he or she she will not even realize he or she is brushing his or her teeth for two minutes.

4. Use a reward system
Encourage your child to brush his or her teeth by using a reward system. For example, give your kid a star every time he or she brushes his or her teeth without being asked. Once he or she receives 10 stars, give him or her a prize, such as a trip to the movies or a new toy.

5. Lead by example
If you want your child to get in the habit of brushing, you have to set a good example. Make sure your little one sees you brushing your teeth every day. Also, consider brushing your teeth with your child a few times a week; it can be a great bonding experience.

If you turn brushing into a fun activity, your child won't dread his or her oral care routine. 

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