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Make your wedding day a fresh one

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: July 17, 2013, Updated: May 30, 2014
SUMMARY: You don't want to worry about having fresh breath at your wedding, so you should take a few precautions to cut bad breath before it starts. 

wedding bad breath

Your wedding day is the most special event in your life, but there's no better way to ruin the evening than with bad breath. On this momentous occasion, there are literally hundreds of things running through your head, and a laundry list of things that need to happen. Unfortunately, oral hygiene might not be on the top of your mind. However, you don't want to kiss your new spouse for the first time with halitosis. Follow these steps to ensure that you won't have smelly breath on the happiest day of your life.

Assign a friend to remind you
As the bride or groom, you have a multitude of things that you have to remember on your wedding day. Have your best man or maid of honor carry sugar-free gum or mints at all times; after all, you will be talking to a ton of people throughout the evening. If you are looking for the best gum for bad breath, make sure that it doesn't contain any extra flavors like sticky fruit and don't purchase items that are loaded with sugar. Gum that has natural ingredients and flavorings will keep your mouth smelling fresh well into the night.

Also have your oral health buddy keep a small bottle of mouthwash and floss on hand. Some brides will actually give out small beauty kits to the bridal party for the evening, so make sure that you include these items.

Drink up (water that is)
From the moment you wake up on your wedding day, you start getting prepared. Whether you kickstart your day with a round of mimosas or sleep in until the last moment so you are wide awake all through the night, make sure you're not forgetting about water. Being dehydrated is not only a great way to guarantee yourself a hangover on the first official day of your marriage, it can also lead to some seriously bad breath. Whenever you get the chance, drink a glass of water to keep your mouth moist and get rid of bad breath. Ask the venue you are holding the event at to keep a water pitcher on your table throughout the night so you can easily pour yourself a glass.

Skip on the garlic
Garlic is wonderful, but it's a good idea to make sure your main course isn't heavy on this spice – all your guests will thank you. Choose a signature dish with a fresh taste that can be easily washed away with some water and dessert. In fact, it's a great idea to have some fresh fruit with your dessert. Consider a modern approach and opt for chocolate-covered strawberries instead of a cake, which helps to freshen breath and clean teeth after the meal.

Minty favors
A lot of weddings will have small party favors on the table like little chocolates, cake pops or candy. Why not have some fresh mints so none of your guests have to worry about bad breath? Consider a dark chocolate with natural mint flavors. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that fight bad breath-causing bacteria to accumulate in the mouth, and the natural mint improves the breath. Or you could even just include a garish of mint sprigs on your dessert so that whoever wants to get a blast of freshness can just chomp on it.

On your wedding day, you've got plenty to worry about, but you can make sure that bad breath isn't a problem with these helpful tips.

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