Natural remedies help mask bad breath when you're on the go

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Find a quick natural remedy around the house or on the go to quickly, but temporarily, battle bad breath.

Posted: October 10, 2012

natural bad breath remedies

After polishing off a pile of garlic pasta or a slice of pizza, you may be searching for a quick fix for the bad breath that comes with these foods. Like any quick fix, they often mask the smell instead of getting to the source of the problem, but can be very helpful in dire situations. Once you've dropped your dishes in the kitchen sink, take a look in your fridge or pantry for one of these natural solutions to quickly kick smelly breath.

If you’ve eaten a fairly mild food, but would still like to quickly resolve any issues in the mouth, swishing around white wine could eliminate worry. Don’t have any wine on hand? Rinsing with water can also help, but if you think the problem needs a stronger solution, turn to mint. Chewing on a couple raw mint leaves can quickly rid the mouth of bad breath. If keeping mint leaves around seems improbable, sipping on mint tea can be just as effective for a quick fix. Other teas, such as black or green varieties, can help zap bacteria that cultivates in the mouth and eliminate some of that smell.

Sometimes restaurants will serve meals with a sprig of parsley to snack on after a meal. Some people may push the "rabbit food" aside to clear way for the entree, but nibbling on the garnish afterwards could be a lifesaver. Parsley contains an enzyme that helps put bad breath to bed - at least for a while. Just remember the smell will wake back up eventually.

With a similar taste to licorice without the heavy serving of sugar, anise seeds are a great solution for stinky breath. Don’t take on too many of these little guys; they are small but potent. Chewing on a single cardamom pod or cinnamon stick can also help. If you’re an avid tea drinker, try to toss a dash of cinnamon or throw a stick into the steaming water and start reaping the benefits.

Simply adding crisp fruits and vegetables to your daily diet is another way to help kick bad breath. Eating more fresh produce increases the intake of antioxidants and other phytonutrients that help combat unhealthy mouths. However, getting rid of bad breath, or halitosis, goes beyond quick fixes and requires bacteria killing solutions like alcohol-free mouthwash, as well as healthy oral care. 

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