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Restaurant meals that work well for bad breath sufferers

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: March 31, 2017, Updated: April 10, 2017
SUMMARY: Here are a few options on restaurant menus that won't exacerbate bad breath.

Restaurant meals that work well for bad breath sufferers

It's sad but true - chronic bad breath can cause you to stay home and avoid meals with friends and family. The idea that the problem might become noticeable, or even worse because of the food, seems to say "stay home."

Of course, people suffering from chronic bad breath have plenty of options for helpful and healthy home-cooked meals, ones that reduce the bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors. It's not uncommon to become quite good at cooking these dishes, further increasing the incentive to remain at home.

But there's something missing. People who always opt to stay home instead of enjoying company over meals are missing out on prime social experiences, ones that could be fun and rewarding. If this describes your situation, opting out of group activities due to bad breath, you should know that there are simple ways to go out without exacerbating chronic bad breath.

Top food choices
We've already discussed the kinds of food that cause and prevent the bacteria behind bad breath. Briefly, your best bet is to stick with green vegetables, as well as natural bacteria-fighters including unsweetened yogurt. The worst culprits when it comes to bad breath include protein-laden products such as meat, dairy and beans. Highly acidic items such as coffee, tomatoes and pineapple also tend to cause problems.

Bad breath prevention, at its core, is about keeping bacteria from reacting. Choosing a diet that accomplishes this purpose will help you. But what does this mean when it comes to visiting restaurants? Is it possible to purchase a main course that will leave you satisfied without venturing too far into any of the problematic groups described above?

This kind of diet selection is possible if you go with the right restaurant. Below are a couple of suggestions from the menus of national chains. There are certainly great local choices for you, wherever you live, but these restaurants with numerous locations are a great start.

Capital Grille: At this national chain of steakhouses, you'll probably want to order something other than the steak. That's no loss, however, as the menu contains multiple salads and seafood options that fit outside of the red-meat category. For example, why not go with the Caesar salad, or a version based on shaved Brussels sprouts. Kale, toasted almonds and a peanut vinaigrette may be more your speed.

When venturing outside the steak offerings, but still in the mood for a main course, why not go into the realm of seafood? Sushi-quality tuna smeared in sesame, served with gingered rice may be the dish for you. Perhaps Chilean sea bass with mushrooms is more to your liking.

Panera Bread: When you're in the mood for something fast and affordable, it's hard to beat Panera - and in some towns, it seems like there's one on every corner. When it comes to salads, Panera offers a full range. From ones made from seasonal greens to a modern take on the Greek salad featuring quinoa, there is a salad for every palate.

If you're feeling more like having a hearty, breakfast-suitable dish, there's steel-cut oatmeal served with apple chips and pecans. Apples are one of the top foods for fighting off the chemical reaction responsible for bad breath, meaning this oatmeal dish could be contributing to a fresh-feeling mouth.

Eat what you want
While foods that manage chronic bad breath are valuable to know about, there are times when you just want to follow a whim and sit down with a steak, a pineapple dessert, a glass of wine, or another item that leads to bad breath. Don't worry - it's cases like these when TheraBreath's valuable range of oral care products will truly prove their worth. Use our chewing gum, lozenges or drops to keep your mouth fresh and fragrant after dinner.

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