Sometimes, it takes a human bloodhound to find the source of dog breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  While you may not be able to figure out where your puppy's odor is coming from, a sharp-nosed veterinarian can usually usually sniff out doggy bad breath.

Posted: June 20, 2012

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Sometimes, dogs just stink. They have an odor that seems to permeate their fur and come from every part of them at once. Usually, a good bath will clear this canine funk right up. But occasionally, even a good scrub with soap and water doesn't cut it. In these cases, it's possible that your pup has dog breath.

But not every owner can detect doggy halitosis, since they may be used to their furry friend's funky mouth-fumes. When this is the case, it may take the help of a third party - especially a breath-attuned veterinarian.

Hunting down the source of the odor

Recently, Ireland's Evening Herald ran a story on boutique owner Jenny Turner and her cocker spaniel, Henry.

Turner began noticing a strange odor emanating from her dog, but had trouble placing it. She suspected that he had dog breath, but couldn't figure out how, since she tries to take good care of his teeth.

So, she took Henry to Pete Wedderburn, a local veterinarian and contributor to the Herald (he wrote the article). He told Turner that it seemed like halitosis indeed, but that the source wasn't immediately obvious. So he got close to the pup's face and went to work.

Hounding odor-causing bacteria

The key is to use one's nose, apparently. After sniffing around Henry's head and jaws, Wedderburn found the cause of the doggy breath: a small infection hidden in the folds in the dog's lower lip. The vet recommended wiping the area twice daily and treating it for bacterial infection.

For humans and dogs alike, the best way to alleviate bad breath is by regularly using specialty oral care products that target microbes and neutralize odor. It helps to stick to rinses that are alcohol-free, since alcohol is bad for dogs (obviously) and would cause them undue oral pain.

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