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Why is morning breath so bad?

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: December 20, 2013, Updated: March 29, 2016
SUMMARY: Morning breath happens to everyone. Find out ways to keep your A.M. funk to a minimum. 

morning breath so bad

It's safe to say that having great breath in the morning is something that only happens in the movies. Bad breath is a common theme for many of us when we first wake up, which is why we usually head straight to sink for a flossing and brushing session.

But why does this happen? Why does bad breath strike when we are first waking up? Simply put, it has a lot to do with your body chemistry and what you may have eaten or drank the night before.

The science behind bad breath
When you drift off into dreamland, many of your organs begin to slow down, including the basic functions of your mouth. This includes saliva production, which is one of the most important things that your mouth does. Saliva is naturally high in oxygen, according to Breath MD, which is a natural method of eliminating anaerobic bacteria. When you're asleep, your mouth produces much less saliva compared to when you are awake.

Saliva is also important for the health of your mouth because it helps to break down food particles. This means that if you didn't do a great job of brushing or flossing the night before, sulfur compounds can begin to emerge while you're counting z's, including hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide and methyl mercapatan, which can all contribute to bad breath in the morning.

What you can do
One of the best ways to combat morning breath is to drink plenty of water to get saliva functioning at normal levels, eat a healthy breakfast, and then brush and floss. Removing as much plaque from your teeth and gum line before you start snoozing can also help to reduce the funk from your mouth the next morning.

We all suffer from morning breath from time to time, but with a few of these helpful tips, you can rise and shine with less smell.

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