The Science of Bad Breath

What Are the Benefits of Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste?
July 31, 2018 - Recently it's become popular to toast the benefits of charcoal toothpaste.  It's said that it can brighten your smile and freshen your breath.  But what really makes activated charcoal work? What are the benefits of charcoal whitening toothpastes?

Sleep issues and your teeth
July 17, 2015 - Sleep disorders can cause a number of problems, and while many of them are diagnosed and treated outside of the dentists office, some are directly related to the patients mouth.

Is a water flosser better than string floss?
July 1, 2015 - Everyone seems to hate to floss, but it is a necessity for proper oral health care.

Brushing techniques: What's the best way to brush your teeth?
July 1, 2015 - Everyone knows they should brush their teeth everyday, but even brushing everyday won't get you the oral health results you want if you're not using proper brushing technique.

Oral health and alcoholic beverages
June 29, 2015 - Here's a look at the connections between alcohol and oral health.

Why do we get our wisdom teeth removed?
June 29, 2015 - Why, from a dental standpoint, do we get rid of wisdom teeth? And more confounding, why do we have them in the first place if they aren't functional?

How to floss in exactly one minute
April 1, 2015 - Techniques for quick, easy flossing can help make the practice part of daily routine.

7 easy ways to cut back on sugar
March 3, 2015 - Cutting down on sugar has a wide range of health benefits, especially for your teeth.

How do I know if I have gingivitis?
October 24, 2014 - Experiencing red, swollen and tender gums is a main symptom of gingivitis, or early-stage gum disease.

Don't stress - your breath will thank you
March 21, 2014 - Stress can dry the mouth and, in turn, cause bad breath. However, there are many ways to cut stress from your day-to-day life. 

Is dry mouth an age-related condition?
March 14, 2014 - While people of all ages can develop dry mouth, older adults are at greater risk due in great part to common medications.

Rinse away bad breath with chlorine dioxide mouthwash
February 25, 2014 - Volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) are the main culprit of bad breath. In a recent CNN article, an author advocated using mouthwash that contains chlorine dioxide to fight off stinky VSCs.

Body produces smell, bad breath when sick
January 29, 2014 - A new study from Sweden finds that people start to smell worse when sick. Check out how to overcome the stench.

Go First Class program improves oral health
August 22, 2013 - A new army program aims to improve the dental hygiene of soldiers across the country. 

Today is National Drive Thru Day, but should you celebrate?
July 24, 2013 - July 24 is National Drive Thru Day, but you may want to think twice about what you order at a fast food restaurant. 

Could there be an end in sight for root canals?
July 9, 2013 - Researchers are finding a way to lessen the need for root canals through stem cells. 

Bad breath smelling robots developed in Japan
May 22, 2013 - In the future, you may be able to have a bad breath diagnosis from a snarky robot. 

Protect your mouth during pregnancy
May 3, 2013 - Gum disease is a common ailment pregnant women experience, but there are several steps you can take to decrease the risk for you and baby.

Don't stress out over the dentist
April 18, 2013 - Many individuals are fearful of going to the dentist, but this can create increased risks for oral health ailments and future problems.

Childhood obesity and plate size
April 9, 2013 - A recent study found that children who are given larger plates will on average serve themselves a larger portion of food and consume more calories.

Survey finds low percentage of children with good oral health practices
April 3, 2013 - A survey conducted by Delta Dental finds that children are not practicing an adequate oral health regimen.

Allergy sufferers may have new treatment option
March 29, 2013 - Allergies are annoying and can hinder your everyday lifestyle, but research shows that a new treatment may be easy to take and ease symptoms.

Don't let the spring weather cause you nasal congestion
March 22, 2013 - Allergies are a major culprit of post nasal drip, but there are ways to battle this uncomfortable condition at home.

The wonderful healing benefits of Xylitol
March 12, 2013 - It may be hard to believe, but one of the most beneficial products to your oral health is a natural sweetener called Xylitol. 

What's behind all those sweeteners
March 11, 2013 - Sugar is a big culprit for bad breath, but learning the best natural alternatives can help keep oral issues at bay and promote a healthy body. 

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