Do you know the health benefits of mouthwash?

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Posted: October 1, 2012, Updated: April 11, 2016
SUMMARY: Many people don't understand all that mouthwash can do for you

health benefits mouthwash

It's hard to imagine why everyone doesn't use alcohol-free mouthwash to get rid of bad breath. After all, this product cannot only alleviate halitosis, but it can also do so without causing dry mouth or irritating the soft tissue of the gums, like so many alcohol-based products do. The American Dental Association (ADA) states that there are many reasons to use mouthwash, and they range from cosmetic to therapeutic.

However, a survey conducted by the ADA found that although dentists recommend the use of mouthwash as an important step in a person's everyday oral health regimen, 52 percent of Americans do not believe that there are any health benefits to regularly using these products. Clearly, people are in need of more information regarding the importance of mouthwash and reasons why they should purchase specialty breath fresheners today.

Cosmetic benefits of mouthwash
First, let's start with the basics. The main reason why people use mouthwash is to fight halitosis, which can have a powerful effect on your life. According to a survey conducted by The Huffington Post U.K., 80 percent of women said that their biggest turn-off is when a man smells. Specifically, 33 percent said that bad breath was the worst smell to encounter on a potential date.

Furthermore, USA Today reported that bad breath is something that can keep you from landing a job, which is a risk you don't want to take in this economy. The news source spoke to expert Melissa Brown, president of It's Just Lunch, who said that bad breath can be a deal-breaker when it comes to getting a job, especially if you're trying to get a position where you'll be dealing with clients.

The ADA survey also asked people to rate how important certain physical attributes were when determining whether someone is attractive. The results showed that 55 percent of Americans rated a bright, healthy smile as "very important," and no other feature was cited as very important by the majority. Regularly using mouthwash can help make sure that there are no leftover food particles sticking out from your teeth, helping you get that bright smile and fresh breath that people find so attractive.

Health benefits of mouthwash
Now that we know the cosmetic and social reasons to use mouthwash, you might be wondering what the medical ones are. According to James Jacobs, D.D.S., there are plenty. The dentist wrote an article for Everyday Health in which he said that using mouthwash is an important part of an oral health routine.

Mouthwash reduces a person's risk of periodontal disease, tooth decay and dry mouth, making it an extremely useful tool. These rinses work to attack bad breath bacteria in the mouth that cause dental health problems, and mouthwash can reach parts of the mouth that toothbrushes cannot.

While brushing only cleans the surfaces of the teeth, mouthwash can get in between teeth and help reach hard-to-reach bacteria while simultaneously eliminating bad breath.

Reducing the risk of gum disease and other dental health issues is extremely important, yet many people don't seem to realize this, which may be why they're not using mouthwash.

According to the ADA survey, 37 percent of individuals were unaware that oral health issues have been associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. This is because bacteria in the mouth can grow so out-of-control that it may enter the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. However, the right mouthwash can help attack the bacteria and keep it from spreading.

So, whether it's for your health or your breath, start using alcohol-free mouthwash today!

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