Does TheraBreath Work? The Onion Demonstration

TheraBreath vs. an Onion

How do we know if TheraBreath works? The most common type of bad breath is food odors. And people eat onions throughout the day, so let me test my breath. We'll test it against an onion. First of all, let's see if my breath is fresh to begin with. This is an instrument called a halimeter. It measures bad breath in parts per billion of sulfide compounds. The machine goes from zero parts per billion up to 2000 parts per billion. Anything below 100 means my breath is fresh. If it's above 100, it means I've got a problem. It means I have bad breath, and I should not be in this business. 

Let me measure my breath. I just open my mouth. It has a vacuum, it sucks up some air, and within a few seconds it will give me a reading. 61. So I have fresh breath. OK now, let me go ahead and bite into an onion. I'll eat a little bit and then measure my breath, and then I'll use some TheraBreath and see what it does. 

Testing the Effectiveness of TheraBreath Mouthwash

That's a powerful onion. That went up to 2000. OK, so what I will do is take some of the TheraBreath mouthwash. As you can see, it's totally clear, no artificial colors or flavors. I'm going to rinse my mouth and we'll test it. Cheers. 

OK, it's coming down. It usually takes a few minutes to get all the way down. This machine is used in clinics throughout the world. It's the gold standard in measuring bad breath. We've had several machines we've used since 1993 to measure bad breath. 

OK almost down to there. One other way to measure is something called a gas chromatograph. It's a very expensive $25,000 machine. It's used in universities. It's not as practical as the halimeter. And then there's also the sniff test. If you want to test your breath at home, one way to do it is lick the back of your hand, let that dry, and smell it that way. Doing this-- blowing into your hand and smelling your hand-- is a great way to smell your hand. It does not give you an indication of what your breath is. So let's see how I test my breath. Ready? 

Well, it went from 2000 down to about 79. So I think my breath is pretty good. Now, let's see what happens if I use another type of mouthwash. Again, we'll go back to the onion. 

1690, not bad. This mouthwash is slightly different, as you can see. It has some artificial colors. Blue is not a natural color. Cheers. 

As this gets back to zero, we should read some of the ingredients here. Water, alcohol, glycerin, flavor, polysorbate 80, sodium saccharin, sodium benzoate, cetylpyridinium chloride, benzoic acid, and Blue 1. It's getting down, and we're going to do the test here. Here it goes. Ready? 

Uh oh. 

Not as good as TheraBreath, about 150 something. Sorry blue mouthwash. Try better. 

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