What are the Best Ways to Help Keep Teeth Clean?

There are about six different categories of home appliances that keep our teeth clean. We all know about toothbrushes. And again, I only recommend a soft nylon bristle brush, never medium, and never a hard bristle brush. 

Number two is floss. Now, you can use wax floss, unwaxed floss. There's something called super floss if the space between your teeth is extremely large. Whatever it takes, get it in between your teeth. Wax is put in there to make it slide more easily. 

Number three on the list are interdental brushes. Hard to say but easy to use. Again, space is wide, you want to make sure those bristles get in between the space. Get the plaque off because the plaque will eventually lead to gum disease. 

Number four on the list are flossers. It's an easy way to floss if you can't handle the floss and twist it around your fingers. Little handheld devices which have a little string of floss in there. Sort of floss and toss is the concept behind flossers. 

Number five on the list is something called Stim-U-Dent. They're made out of very soft balsa wood. They kind of look like a thick, fat toothpick. Toothpicks break off and can cause a lot of damage. Stim-U-Dents are very soft. They sort of bend in between the teeth and get rid of a lot of food particles. 

Now, there are home irrigators. That's number six on the list. We're all familiar with the Waterpik. There's something newer on the market called a Hydrofloss, which has a magnetic device in the hand piece. It changes the polarity of the water, which the manufacturer claims works twice as well as a regular irrigator. We actually have them available on Therabreath.com, and we sell a whole bunch of these. If you're going to use a home irrigator, I'd recommend putting a little bit of the Therabreath oral rinse or periotherapy rinse in the water trough. That does a much better job than just water alone. 

Anyway, six different ways to keep your teeth clean. Use them, make sure your teeth are clean. Your mouth is the doorway to the rest of your body. Keep it clean, the rest of your body will follow. 

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