Oral Care Tips & Advice - Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath

How To Sleep With Post Nasal Drip

When you’re suffering from a stuffy nose and it becomes harder to breathe, you may not get goo...

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Marijuana Use Can Cause Halitosis

In a recent review of Syn, a synthesized marijuana substitute that is due to be pulled from shelves ...

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Milk Causes Bad Breath In Several Ways

Drinking milk is good for bone and skin health, but it rarely does breath any good. A glass of milk ...

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Scientists Prove The Obvious: Tonsil Stones Smell Terrible

SUMMARY: Bad breath almost always issues from the mouth, especially from the tongue, teeth and palat...

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The Stench Behind Smoker's Breath

Smokers breath is a real thing, and a really bad thing at that.

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Why Do I Have White Spots On My Tonsils And Bad Breath?

SUMMARY: While they may look like white spots on your tonsils, these tiny objects are actually small...

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