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Dry Mouth

TheraBreath instantly relieves dry mouth symptoms! Our dry mouth solutions are clinically formulated to naturally enhance saliva flow as they soothe and moisten your mouth and oral tissues. Our products are 100% guaranteed to relieve dry mouth symptoms or your money back.

Millions of people suffer from some form of dry mouth (xerostomia) on an occasional or chronic basis. There are many underlying causes of dry mouth, such as medications, lifestyle choices, or health conditions and diseases.

When dry mouth is left untreated, it can take its toll on a person's oral health and cause many symptoms and side effects. When the mouth is properly hydrated and free of food debris, the potential for gum and dental disease is greatly reduced. While brushing, flossing, and rinsing at least two or three times a day may help alleviate dry mouth, the key is using the right products. Unlike some other brands, TheraBreath oxygenating mouthwashes, toothpastes, and rinses are free of alcohol, sugar, and abrasive detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate. Try TheraBreath Dry Mouth Oral Rinse or lozenges today — the proprietary, soothing ingredients help alleviate dry mouth symptoms by enhancing saliva flow and mouth moisture. In turn, a moister mouth also helps to combat bad breath. Find out what millions of Americans already know. Click here to read some of their success stories.

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