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What Are the Benefits of Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste?
July 31, 2018 - The Science of Bad Breath
Recently it's become popular to toast the benefits of charcoal toothpaste.  It's said that it can brighten your smile and freshen your breath.  But what really makes activated charcoal work? What are the benefits of charcoal whitening toothpastes?

Bad Breath After Wisdom Teeth Removal - Causes and Cures
May 16, 2018 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
By learning how tooth removal impacts development of bad breath, you can help prevent it from occurring.

Does Flossing Help Treat Bad Breath?
March 2, 2018 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Find out how flossing plays a vital role in the fight against bad breath.

The History of the Tooth Fairy
February 28, 2018 - Fresh Breath Happenings
It’s National Tooth Fairy Day!  But where did this guardian of children’s teeth come from? And how can she help you teach your child about good oral health?

What Causes Bad Breath Even After Brushing?
February 9, 2018 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Unfortunately, bad breath goes deeper than brushing and flossing. Here are a few reasons your breath could still be rancid after brushing.

Oral health benefits of chewing sugar free gum
January 5, 2018 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Chewing a piece of sugar-free gum, whether it's minty fresh or traditional bubble gum, can be advantageous for your mouth, teeth, and gums.

Is activated charcoal your key to teeth whitening?
December 5, 2017 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Before you reach a conclusion about this option for whitening your teeth, make sure to consider how activated charcoal affects your oral health.

Does your toothpaste tube list these harmful ingredients?
August 31, 2017 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
The next time you buy toothpaste, be mindful of the following ingredients.

How does drinking alcohol impact bad breath?
August 21, 2017 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Having a drink on a blind date or a night out catching up with old friends may ease nerves and get the conversation flowing, but it certainly won't contribute to long-lasting fresh breath.

What is Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) and how does it keep gums healthy?
August 1, 2017 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) is an FDA approved ingredient that helps to guard the mouth against gum disease and halitosis.

How to Stop Spitting When You Talk
June 29, 2016 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Whether it's in a business meeting or on a first date, flecks of saliva flying about are rarely an endearing addition to a conversation.

Still smoking: The problem with e-cigarettes and hookahs
May 27, 2016 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Despite some claims, these cigarette alternatives still contain nicotine that can destroy your teeth and gums.

Bad breath on a date is a deal breaker
March 11, 2016 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Surveys have found that bad breath is the biggest turnoff on a first date. Luckily, you can take steps to keep your love life fresh and clean.

The stages of a child's tooth development
February 15, 2016 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Tooth development for children is a continuously transformative process until they reach adulthood. Here is a breakdown of the growth.

Why you shouldn't leave your toothbrush out on the sink
July 17, 2015 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Would you lick your toilet? Of course not, but if you leave your toothbrush out you're doing the next grossest thing.

Painless Parker, the world's most famous dentist
May 18, 2015 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Painless Parker used excellent showmanship and negotiable prices to become the world's most famous dentist in the early 1900s.

What to do when you forget to brush your teeth
May 4, 2015 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Here's a list of ways to clean your teeth in those rare moments where it may have slipped your mind during your rushed morning routine.

Orthodontists warn against DIY braces
March 16, 2015 - Oral Care Industry News
The DIY teeth-straightening trend has many orthodontists concerned.

Why do teeth chatter when you're cold?
February 3, 2015 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Do you know why your teeth chatter when you're cold?

3 sexiest smiles of the 2014 AMAs and how to get a smile like theirs
November 24, 2014 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Who do you think had the best smile of the 2014 American Music Awards?

Jennifer Lawrence laughs about bad breath in 'The Hunger Games' kissing scenes
November 19, 2014 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Actress Jennifer Lawrence may be one of the most sought-after celebrities on the red carpet, but she's not immune to embarrassing bad breath.

Baseball players and chewing tobacco
September 24, 2014 - Oral Care Industry News
After the death of hall of famer Tony Gwynn and Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's struggle with squamous cell carcinoma, health officials are taking a deeper look into the connection between baseball and smokeless tobacco.

Can Drinking Alcohol Cause Ulcers & Canker Sores?
August 11, 2014 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Drinking a few beers may leave some people with these burdensome ulcers come sunrise.

5 Worst Foods To Get Stuck Between Your Teeth & Under Your Gums
August 5, 2014 - Fresh Breath Happenings
The top offenders of a pleasant smile are ...

Dr. Katz Oral Care formulas now at Boots in the UK!
July 31, 2014 - Fresh Breath Happenings

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