Bad Breath Videos

Learn the facts about bad breath (halitosis) from TheraBreath creator and Bad Breath Guru Dr. Harold Katz. You'll find out many interesting tidbits of knowledge like how food causes bacteria to form in your mouth, which in turn can cause smelly breath. He'll also explain why your tongue is like a shag carpet from the 1970s, but not olive green, hopefully. You'll learn about major factors that can cause bad breath ... and we're pretty sure you'll be surprised by at least one or two. For those looking for quick solutions, How Do You Prevent Bad Breath offers seven quick tips. We're certain you'll find Does TheraBreath work? The onion demonstration to be very cool and educational. Dr. Katz has taken this one on the road and it's always a crowd pleaser. In this video, Dr. Katz shows why TheraBreath works far better against the stinky onion than your typical popular mouthwash, using a nifty device called the halimeter.