Gum Care

When your gums are healthy, the risk of developing bad breath, dental decay, and a whole range of other harmful diseases is significantly reduced. How do you obtain healthy gums though you might ask? We have put together a few articles to best address any questions our viewers have asked us about complete gum care.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are a sign of gingivitis, an inflammatory response to bacterial buildup (plaque) on the teeth. Interested to know how they occur, and how to treat them? Keep reading!

Bad Breath and Gum Disease

It is fairly common for people suffering from bad breath to not even realize they have a problem. One of the primary sources of halitosis is odor-causing bacteria that can lead to undiagnosed gum disease.

What To Do If You Have Receding Gums

Scared of receding gums? Most people don't even realize they have it because it occurs over a long period of time. Here is what you should know about gum lines that gradually erode.

Try TheraBreath’s Solutions for Gum Disease

TheraBreath wants everyone to properly understand how to combat gum disease - so we have provided links to our recommended solutions.

To read more oral care articles and tips and tricks, check out our various other pillar page articles. And more importantly, get your own PerioTherapy product today for healthy gums!

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