Teeth Whitening

In our modern Instagram-ready times, a bright white smile is key. As a result, we’re always looking for something that can whiten our teeth and brighten our smile, however, many over-the-counter, “too good to be true” solutions don’t always work to achieve that pearly white smile you want. TheraBreath provides numerous articles on all things related to teeth whitening. Continue reading to learn how you can properly whiten your teeth.

Best Tips for Teeth Whitening

Whether you’re using DIY teeth whitening, teeth-whitening kits, whitening strips, or whitening toothpaste, be sure you understand the effects of these products beforehand.

Teeth Whitening Can Lead to Sensitivity

When you experience pain or discomfort while whitening your teeth, it may be caused from a teeth whitening sensitivity. While this can be very uncomfortable, rest assured that it doesn't cause any permanent damage to your teeth and the pain typically doesn't last long. If you continue to notice sensitivity when whitening your teeth, consult a dental expert.

All About Charcoal Whitening

While charcoal can be used as a supplement to using regular toothpaste for those looking for a whiter smile, it shouldn’t be used to completely replace it. Standard toothpaste products include an ingredient, fluoride, that we need to fight tooth decay, so it’s important to keep it as part of our daily routine.

Make Your Smile Whiter & Brighter

Over time, teeth often become discolored as a result of age, diet, and other factors. Our team wants to help you achieve—and maintain—the bright smile of your dreams by answering you burning questions about teeth whitening. Any other questions about oral health? Check out the expansive article library on our site and our various other pillar page articles, and shop our various Fresh Breath Products! Take control of your oral health with TheraBreath today!

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